Just like with our code, we like our beer well crafted!

That’s why we make our own Zitec beer. Each year we brew 1000l, limited edition, White Rabbit. This year we decided to mix four tastes!

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Produced by Oriel Beer

Young, ambitious and creative minds, we want to challenge people's perception of beer. Beer is an exquisite drink, so let's step together into a journey of discovery.


White Rabbit is a Zitec beer

Zitec is one of the leading IT companies in Romania, with a mission to help companies around the world innovate through digital transformation and automation.


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This year's Quadrupel Mix

White Rabbit Saison

  • Serving: 9 ºC - 12 ºC
  • ABV: 6.6%

A historically top-fermented beer brought to the public with a higher level of alcohol.
Brewed with the finest ingredients and a special blend of yeasts, White Rabbit Saison is a sunny blond beer with a balmy aroma. A fresh bouquet and a lasting foamy top are followed by a savoury taste.

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White Rabbit Smoked Quadrupel

  • Serving: 14 ºC - 16 ºC
  • ABV: 10%

Brewed with patience and diligence in the style of a Belgian Quadrupel, but this time with another touch, the smoked malts.

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White Rabbit Tripel

  • Serving: 5 ºC – 8 ºC
  • ABV: 9.5%

A reinterpretation of a classic Belgian Tripel. Made of the finest ingredients, barley malts, hops, candi sugar, fresh liquid yeast, orange peel, and Ceylon Silver Tips tea, White Rabbit Tripel has an alluring deep gold color and a creamy dense head.

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White Rabbit Winter 2021

  • Serving: 14 ºC – 16 ºC
  • ABV: 9.5%

A sublime beer specially made for the cold season, inspired by the traditional gingerbread. Brewed with patience, in the style of a Belgian Dark Strong Ale from seven types of malt, two types of flakes, two types of hops,

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